Boxing Boxes

Boxing, both as a tool of self-discipline and control of violence, is part of the civilizing
process. Boxing Boxes seeks the materialization of one year of architectural research that uses a new gym scheme to place this sport as a valuable instrument of spatial and civic activation in marginalized areas. Boxing requires the minimum material, perhaps because of the fact that its practice implies great self-control, physical and mental training, factors that help solve society’s needs for violence and offer an alternative to the lethargic and individualistic infrastructure of our towns and cities.

Daniel De León Languré (MX)
Claraluz Keiser (BR+CH)
Maddalena Pornaro (IT)
Sofía Costa Pinto (BR)
Camila Ulloa Vásquez (CL)
Araceli Itzel Espinosa Suárez (MX)
Mariana Sánchez Pontón Ocampo (MX)
Miguel Ángel Reyes Facio (MX)
Susana Verónica Alfaro del Ángel (MX)
Associação de Moradores de Portugal Novo (PT)
Diseño Espacial
Daniel De León Languré
Carlos Ortega Arámburo
Production team
Daniel De León Languré
Camila Ulloa Vásquez
Installation Production and Setup
EDA – Ensaios e Diálogos Associação: Claraluz Keiser, Maddalena Pornaro, Sofía Costa Pinto
Araceli Espinosa (MX), Mariana Pontón (MX), Miguel Ángel Reyes Faccio (MX), Susana Verónica Alfaro del Ángel (MX).
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
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