Building 101

In 2019, the Bauhaus celebrates the 100th anniversary of its foundation. Building 101 intends to reflect on the contemporaneity of its principles and methods, having as starting point the Workshops that integrated the first curricular plan of Bauhaus – Stone, Wood, Clay, Color, Metal, Glass and Textiles. In the words of Walter Gropius, “the ultimate goal of all art is the building!”, an affirmation that emphasizes the fundamental role of crafts and arts in the development of innovative solutions in architecture. This Associated Project includes eight talks and a masterclass, to discuss matters and materials – their properties, transformation processes, applications and contemporary challenges – in spaces of training and creation.

Different locations for each session:

12 October (Stone)

Oficina Alfredo Antunes Flor

13 October (Wood)

Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo

26 October(Clay)


27 October (Color)

Fábrica Viúva Lamego

16 October (Metal)


17 October (Glass)


23 October (Textiles)

Escola Artística António Arroio

24 de Novembro (Bauhaus)

A Vida Portuguesa

Joana Varajão (PT)
Graduated from FAUP in 2013, she has co-developed editorial and research programmes such as the Porto Urban Festival Re-Act and Battle of Ideas International Events. Joana worked with Rebelo de Andrade from 2015 to 2018, collaborating on the House 3000 (the first zero-energy house built in Portugal) and co-editing the studio’s first monograph.
Creative Direction & Production
Ariana Marques da Silva (PT)
Leader of the the design development of collective housing and urban planning projects at Mário Martins Atelier, she worked together with Joana Varajão and Sara Neves at the organization on the Re-Act Urban Festival in Porto. She graduated from FAUP in 2013.
Sara Neves (PT)
Architect with her own studio alongside with Filipe Estrela, Sara is also the leader of project Gharaunda, where she started working between 2014 and 2016. She studied in FAUP and in FADEU (Chile) and collaborated with the photographer and urban planner Justine Graham. Between 2013 and 2014, Sara worked as co-editor-in-chief of Dédalo magazine and copy editor of Homeland News from Portugal.
Maria João Barcelos (Print), Inês Farinha (Web)
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