Virtual tours around the Triennale 2019 exhibitions

In 2019, the Lisbon Triennale took architecture to the main cultural spaces of the city. Now, after The Poetics of Reason, we give you the possibility to know each of the themes of the 5th edition through virtual visits, with interviews and narration of the reflections explored in each central exhibition by the curator. A unique immersive experience, narrated in the first person by who led an in-depth investigation with the support of students from several renowned European schools of architecture. We have gathered, in five videos, a lightning visit to each exhibition so that you can see up close Economy of Means of Éric Lapierre, follow Sébastien Marot’s narration about Agriculture and Architecture: Taking the Country’s Side, take a close look at Natural Beauty through the testimony of Tristan Chadney, discover What is Ornament? by the voice of Ambra Fabi and discover the Inner Space with a framing by Mariabruna Fabrizi. A timeless collection that explores the rationality of architecture in five heterogeneous and complementary perspectives.

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