False Space

This associated project proposes an experimentation upon the fundamental relation and omnipresent architectural discourse between ornament and structure. Intending to explore the infinite field of uncategorized architectural possibilities lying in-between these two seemingly opposing notions, the installation in the elevator at Culturgest proposes a floating “false space”. Expanding their architectural vocabulary and getting lost in a land of no constraints or gravity, the project reconsider the “false” and ask themselves: is non-structure ornamental?

Javier F. Contreras (ES)
Javier F. Contreras is a Spanish architect, critic and dean of the Department of Interior Architecture at HEAD-Genève. He studied architecture at the Madrid School of Architecture (ETSAM). In 2015 he was finalist in the 10th arquia/tesis competition with his PhD thesis The Miralles Projection: Thinking and Representation in the Architecture of Enric Miralles. Contreras has lectured on architectural design at different institutions. His critical essays have been published in different specialised media, including Massilia Annuaire des Études Corbuséennes, Perspectives in Metropolitan Research, Princeton 306090, CIRCO, Drawing Matter, Bitácora, ZARCH, RA Revista de Arquitectura.
Roberto Zancan (IT)
Professor of History and Theory of Architecture at HEAD-Geneve, he has been professor at UQAM University of Montreal. Deputy editor at Domus magazine, Zancan is also head curator of Be Open Foundation and associate researcher at UNESCO Chair in Conservation and Regeneration of Urban Heritage of Iuav University in Venice. He presented his research abou spaces of terrorism in Italy at Venice Biennale 2014. Along with Elena Pirazzoli, he wrote the book Corrispondenze. Teorie e storie dal landscape.
Dafni Retzepi (GR)
Architect since 2017, she has worked in Greece, Chile and Switzerland. Currently, she works at HEAD-Geneve and Arimna, as independent, focusing in the fields of architectural research, theory and representation. Retzepi was assistant at studio ALICE and at L’Atelier Magazine white studying and was awarded with the Best of EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) and excellence for her dissertation research.
Thierry Buache (CH)
Architect since 2017, he worked in Mexico and Geneve between 2013 and 2015. Nowadays he’s research assistant at HEAD Geneve in Lausanne, and independent architect at dériaz | buache office, focusing in art, design and architecture through the platform of experimentation of the collective plans in Gevene. Buache’s master’s project was awarded with the SIA Award 2017, the B&G Engineers Award 2017 and the GCO Distinction 2018. 
HEAD – Geneva University of Art and Design – Department of Interior Architecture
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